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part of your payment will be spent on buying a book for a child

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No prepayment. Just order stock illustration, and our best designers will begin to create it.


Pay as you feel fit

Evaluate our work by yourself and pay as much as it's convenient for you.


One picture - one book

Part of the sum you pay for the illustration will be spent to buy books for children

How we managed to combine

quality, speed and availability

Hi, my name is Maxim Pauliukevich. In 2015, I founded a company to create vector illustrations and sell them on various resources, including microstocks. Our studio did not work with customers, but still received weekly letters asking to change or create a new image.

It became clear: many microstock customers face the problem of finding the right image, and customizing it.

In 2019 I thought: “Why not draw not on our subjects, but on the subjects of the customer?” Thus the customer will receive exactly the illustration - which he or she needs.

The ability to retain copyright and continue to earn on the image allows to decontrol the price and allows the customer to pay for the work as much as he/she appreciates it. It was an unbelievable discovery, but at the same time so obvious.

It wasn't enough, I wanted to do something really good and important. That's why we allocate 50% of the money paid by the customer to buy and send the book for children.

In 2019, a new company - PVP Studio and its charity project OnePicOneBook were established. The mission of the project is Happy Client - Happy Child!

We continue to develop, expand team, improve workflows, learn, but now we do it together with you

How it works

How do we manage to do high-quality and expensive work at a price that you set yourself?

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Order a stock illustration. No prepayment. Remember about the exact description of the technical assignment. Work without changes allows us to set an open price.

Creating an illustration

Our best designers begin to create the work. As soon as the work is ready, we'll send it to you. We will do our best to make you happy.

Pay a reasonable price

After receiving the work, appreciate and evaluate it and pay a convenient amount. If you don't like the work, you can just refuse it and pay nothing.

One picture - one book

Part of the amount you paid for the illustration will go to buy and send books for children.

Enhanced License

Without restrictions on the budget or the number of reproductions, for one project. Also gives you the right to include images in wall paintings for your business, as well as products for advertising or retail purposes. more details

Our works

Pictures drawn
Books sent

Customer Feedback

The mission of the project: Happy Client - Happy Child!  It's not just a slogan for us, it's what we're looking for.

I like the speed of turnaround of your work and the quality is exactly what I expected. I The book project is a nice initiative.
Australia, February 2020
Incredibly good drawing skills inside the team, they easily convert an object from customer poor-quality photo to an HQ illustration. The illustrations of award shaped glass objects are looking purely realistic and resulting picture is presented in vector format with transparency effects and flares all around. Loved how they bring attention to the details and how they rapidly apply fixes upon customer comments/requests.
Moscow, April 2020
I had a need for custom-created drawings of girls, and I'm very happy with the result. The team is talented and the work was delivered quickly. I really like the enhanced license which gives full flexibility on the price and is a guarantee for a satisfying result. I will definitely use this service again in the future.
France, May 2020

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